How to Cope with Difficult People now available on several audiobooks stores

Smart Editions is proud to present our first audiobook in English: How to cope with Difficult People, an audiobook written by Christian H. Godefroy and Alain Houel, narrated by Joshua Manning. This new audiobook is slowly appearing on all major audiobooks stores, such as Books from Apple, Goggle Play and, and will soon be available on Audible and Kobo too.

How to Cope with Difficult People

Following the success of the paper and ebook versions, this audiobook is a practical guide to inter-human relations, mostly for the cases where you meet or have to interact with so called “Difficult people”. And there are many that we come accross in our everyday life!

How will this book improve you :

  • Never fall for people’s dirty argument tricks.
  • Always find the better arguments to stop confrontation.
  • You’ll radiate positivity, a positivity that circles and comes back to you.
  • You’ll listen to people in a way that makes them confident about you.

To discover more about that audiobook and find out where it’s available, just click to the description page, where availability on different stores is updated.