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How to Overcome Shyness

How to Overcome ShynessFor those who suffer with extreme shyness, smiling at a stranger can be a nerve wracking experience. This book has a set of exercises to challenge anyone who wants to overcome their shyness and help them move past their fears. The exercises are laid out in easy step by step pieces that anyone can do. If your struggle with shyness isn’t terribly extreme, the exercises will help - you can start in the place where you notice your weak points and go from there. This is a good place to get started getting over being shy.

Think and Grow Rich

Think and grow richProbably the most read self-help book, this book from Napoleon Hill is the reference that so many people have read and consider the basis for their success. With a few lessons and describing the laws of success (another book by Napoleon Hill), the author explains the rules and ideas that will allow you to reach your goals.

The Dynamics of Mental Powers

The Dynamics of Mental PowersMost of us have some corner of our lives where we feel we have failed — maybe because we have never tried, having been programmed as children to believe that we may not succeed — Mind Dynamics will show you how easy it is to change all this to become more effective and confident, in other words to alter your self image - A positive approach to situations in life!

The Science of Getting Rich

The science of getting richThere is a a science of getting rich and laws you must abide to become rich. It’s mostly a mindset issue, and if you change your mindset and apply the right rules of thinking and action, the only issue is your wealth. This ebook teaches you how to make money and live the life you want.

The Practice of Mental Control

Practice of Menatl Control by Roger VittozHaving an occasional negative thought is important because is allows us to prepare for the unexpected. Negative thoughts can be used to help rid us of our fears and make us think critically, using our rational mind.

The idea that negative thoughts have a harmful effect on our mental health is not a new concept. Dr. Vittoz, a specialist in stress-related problems, has developed a way of re-educating cerebral activity, called the “Vittoz Method.” The method has been successful in the treatment of many types of neuroses.

By helping you get rid of your worst fears and worries, the Vittoz Method will make you a happier, worry-free individual, and ultimately lead to success.

How to Develop Your Self-Confidence

How to Develop Your Self-Confidence Confidence is, first and foremost, the reflection of a positive self image. To have confidence in yourself, you have to like yourself. To inspire confidence in others, you have to learn to have confidence in yourself.
To convince others, you first have to be convinced yourself. Why do charismatic persons have absolutely no trouble finding people to rally behind them? Because they are already convinced that what they’re doing is right.
By learning to appreciate yourself, by adopting the attitude that success will come to you as your right, since you are just as intelligent, competent and careful as anyone else, you increase your potential for success astronomically.

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